Questions to Ask a Doctor

For some of us, visiting a physician for the first time can be somewhat intimidating. The physician has a great deal of education, has passed a licensing exam, and is considered an expert in human health. But it is helpful to remember that the physician is there to serve your needs too. As a vegan or vegetarian, you have the right to the best healthcare available to you. Try not to be shy in asking questions that you feel need to be asked in order to make sure you and the healthcare provider are on the same page.

Here are some questions you might consider asking:

  • Do you believe there is anything in particular I should be aware of or do as I follow a vegan (or vegetarian) diet?

  • How did you learn about vegan (or vegetarian) nutrition?

  • (More subtle) Can you assist me in identifying a qualified health care provider who can address questions or concerns I might have about my vegan (or vegetarian) diet?

It has also been suggested that, when making the first appointment, you engage the receptionist with something like, "I'm a vegan and I am determined to remain a vegan regardless of what the doctor finds out about my condition. Is this doctor comfortable with and supportive of a vegan diet?"

Additionally, you might offer a card to the receptionist, which can be given to the doctor, which says something like:

"As a vegan/vegetarian, I am hoping to help other vegans and vegetarians identify physicians who can meet their health needs. If you would describe yourself as a physician who is both knowledgeable about and supportive of vegan and vegetarian diets, I encourage you to visit, where you can be added to a growing list of physicians who might be sought out by vegans and vegetarians."

If you have questions you would like to suggest for others, or if you have feedback about a physician on this list, please send an email to "VegDocs (at)" or click on the link at the bottom of this page.

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