Have you ever tried to explain your vegan (or vegetarian) diet to your physician only to have her or him try and talk you out of eating that way? Have you ever made the changes required to eat in a way that matches your values and then found out how little your doctor can support your new lifestyle? Have you ever wished you could talk more directly to your physician about your vegan lifestyle?
Well, that's where VegDocs hopes to fill the void. Today more and more people are realizing the health benefits of a vegan diet and then coming to the reality that their physician has little educational background in nutrition. Yet as this information becomes more and more widely available, there are doctors who have begun to see the light. VegDocs wants to help you find them!
On this site you will able to find doctors in your area who understand plant-based nutrition. You will be able to suggest physicians to the directory so that others in your area may benefit from the referral. And, you can suggest questions that people might use to ask a physician about their knowledge and feelings about the vegan lifestyle.
Take a look around, make suggestions, and let others know VegDocs is here!
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